Picture of Single Hole Punch Units
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Single Hole Punch Units

The QMI Single Punch Units allow for the perforation of single lines of holes down a web that is moving continuously. Units having different throat depths can be set up in groups on one or both sides of a web to provide multiple lines of holes.


  • Operates at a higher rate of speed than competing units.
  • Utilizes the same dies, plungers, housings, etc as the QMI Model CBP-100 PLC Controlled Moving Web Hole Punch machine.
  • Standard mounting bracket allows bolt-on installation on most bag machines.
  • Easily moved from line to line when mounted on a floor stand.
  • Punches clean round, butterfly, cross cut and half moon holes from 1/8” through 7/16” in 1/16” increments.
  • Standard air regulator, valve and manifold in 12V, 24V or 110V.
  • When coupled with a QMI PLC Control System and optical encoder, various patterns can be created with very good hole quality.
  • May also be controlled by a cam-mounted micro-switch or with a signal from a bag machine or other equipment.
  • Dies can be re-sharpened to provide long life cycles.
  • May also be controlled by a cam mounted micro-switch, a signal from a bag machine or other equipment.
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