QMI can give new life to your old and out-dated web hole punching equipment.

Not yet ready to invest in new machines for your moving web hole punching operations? QMI’s background as a job-shop machine shop uniquely qualifies us to completely rebuild existing machines. And, with the addition of our most current high-quality control systems and components, and a coat of top quality chip resistant paint, your existing machines are returned to nearly like-new condition.

New slave regulators, valve banks, plastic tubing for air routing, and upgraded roller traction surfaces will help make existing web hole punching machines perform like new again, sometimes even better. Adding our state-of-the-art programmable logic control and web movement tracking system completes the makeover.


  • Inspect, realign, and refurbish existing components.
  • Replace worn out or damaged components using OEM parts, if available.
  • Test machine for proper operation.


  • Completely strip the machines’ control system, air system, frame, and rollers.
  • Repair machine head and/or other parts.
  • Straighten, repair weld, and/or strengthen machine support frame.
  • Reassemble, realign, and repaint machine & frame.
  • Install QMI’s latest PLC controls, air controls, and valves.
  • Replace worn roll bearings and resurface roll whenever possible.
  • Test machine for proper operation.